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What we do

The shed has been so successful, that now we need your help to grow the program!

We hope to raise $80,000 for the purchase of tools, equipment and materials such as timber, saws, sanders and safety gear to help us set up two more Cre8 Sheds in regional Victoria and metro Melbourne.

Your donation will give people with disability a real chance to train and build a future. Please support this growing and vital program by donating today!

About the Program

Welcome to our groundbreaking program where individuals with disabilities channel their creativity and skill into crafting a wide range of unique items for online sale. With utmost dedication and passion, our participants meticulously handcraft each product, resulting in exceptional pieces that showcase their remarkable talents.

Through this program, we aim to provide a platform for empowerment, fostering an inclusive environment where individuals with disabilities can thrive and make meaningful contributions. By honing their crafting skills, they gain a sense of accomplishment and newfound confidence, breaking down barriers and redefining what is possible.

From intricately designed jewelry to handwoven textiles and captivating artworks, our online store offers a diverse array of handmade products that reflect the distinct style and craftsmanship of our talented participants. Each item is infused with the spirit of perseverance, resilience, and creativity, making it truly special and one-of-a-kind.

By supporting our program and purchasing these remarkable creations, you not only bring home a unique and high-quality piece but also contribute to the empowerment and economic independence of individuals with disabilities. Join us in celebrating their abilities and showcasing the beauty that emerges when creativity meets determination.

Who we are

Meet our makers

Four years ago, James Elkan walked into the VMCH Cre8 Shed as a shy and unconfident 19-year-old.

Today, the 23-year-old is crafting his own future – honing his carpentry skills, making friends, and building his independence – one project at a time.

Each week you will find James and other people with disability at the Cre8 Shed in Wangaratta, learning about woodwork and work safety, tool handling, design and project management.

“I love creating new projects and sometimes taking them home to show off my hard work,” he says.

“The staff are like friends because we have a laugh, and they don’t tell us off. It helps me feel supported and I trust them, so I feel like I could talk to them about anything if I needed to.

Working-age people with disability are twice as likely as those without disability to be unemployed. People with disability (aged 15-64) are twice as likely to experience social isolation as those without disability.